How much does it cost?

Studio rate is $80.00 per hour. As each project can vary so will the cost, overall price is determined by how many hours will be involved and what is involved with the project.

How long will it take?

Generally projects will take between 2-3 weeks depending on the scope and current work load. If your project is urgent I can work out a quicker turn around time with you, if this can not be done I will let you know during our initial meeting/contact.

What is your process?

My first step is to get to the know your business, have deep understanding of what your goal for the project is. From our meeting I will create a communication map (word association) which is based around the messages that you wish to convey for the project.

After mapping out the words and messages I then look at what imagery people associate these words with. What feeling does these images create? Does it fit in with the brief?

Once this stage is completed I then carry out further research, which allows me to start sketching out the initial concepts. I then spend more time developing these concepts further. I present the work as close as possible to what the final outcome would be with the project so that you can visually get a sound understanding of what to expect. The final stage is to refine and support your needs.

 What if my project is urgent?

If we are unable to meet and would like to speed up the process then fill out this form and I will review and get back to you.